Super wide Rollupbanners for Brand Perfect

by Michelle
Just printed and dispatched some exceptionally wide rollupbanners for Brand Perfect for their appropriately named Brand Perfect Tour London. We thought the design looked great. The rollupbanners were 2m wide, which gave a fantastic impact and they were also complimented with two 800mm wide premium banners - it gave a great overall look and impact.

Just remember on thing if you go for roll up banners that are 2 meters wide you also need to be able to transport them in something that can take that size - if thats no problem then they work great and look very good. However if you are moving them around in a car you will better going with a standard 800mm, 1000mm or even 1500mm roll up banner or  a pop up display which collapses down into the carry case - these are available in both curved format and straight.

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