What is the hype over roll-up banners all about?

by Michelle
A roll-up banner is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a banner that rolls-up. So what is so special about this contraption?

You could use a roll up banner for:
  • Displays
  • Meetings
  • Exhibitions
  • In schools and colleges
  • To advertise leisure and fitness classes
  • Or why not be more inventive?

There are endless uses for this very clever roll up banner!

First of all the ability to simply roll it up and down is unique because it requires little effort to do so. This is all down to the astonishing recoil system which ensures that setting up your banner, taking it down, storing it and carrying it around is nothing but a convenient experience for you. Its portability and ease of movement is not compromised when it is opened or closed. Additionally, you will be supplied with a zip up bag with straps so that when the banner is not in use, carrying it around is still an easy task.

The roll-up banner will stay in perfect condition even when it is stored away for a long time. This is because the cartridge is the perfect shell for your banner. This will guarantee that it is protected by dust, direct light and shell. Therefore rest assure that it can hibernate in peace, safe and sound!

Having a roll-up banner behind you looks impressive and will help market your brand, services and products. It will add style and professionalism to whatever you use it for and will no doubt draw lots of attention.

You can now see why this stylish contraption is flying off the shelves, because it is certainly a wonderful creation which is guaranteed to wow both you and your customers.Great value, quick & easy to use plus very lightweight. All our graphics are printed to the highest quality regardless of which roll up banner you choose.

Roll-up banners are great because they are:
  • Great value
  • Lightweight
  • High quality branded premium Opal Jet material
  • Standard base unit simple to transport
  • Includes zip close padded carry bag with shoulder strap

To make an even bigger impact on your clients, take advantage of our in house design team at rollup banner. We can create eye-catching graphics for your roll up banner stand. We are happy to discuss your graphics requirements and offer advice to suit all your needs. Make sure you get your hands on a roll up banner, because your workplace needs one!