Professional pull up banners for Toneally

by Michelle
Tony approached us with a clear vision in mind as to how he would like his roller banners to appear on stage of the London Drum Show 2017. Tony supplied us with some great looking images of his brand new products which he created specifically for schools.

The product is the world’s first percussion teaching tool which focuses on the vertical movement of the drum stick. ‘ToneAlly’ trains your drum stroke to follow the correct trajectory, something that would normally take many years of practice to develop.

Our amazing designers set to work in designing Tony’s pull up banners and got it right first time! Tony was delighted with the designs and expressed how excited he was to see the finished product!

Our production team made sure Tony had his banners in super quick time as we knew how eager he was to see them.

Professional pull up banners for Toneally

We where delighted when we got the following review from Tony on our 9.9/10 rated TrustPilot page:

“Delighted with our ToneAlly rollupbanners. See them behind our award winning ToneAlly products at The London Drum Show 11th & 12th November. Thank you"

Another happy customer. We look forward to working with Tony in the future for any other print or design requirements he has.

For anybody interested in visiting Tony's website and checking out his amazing products please go to the below link: