Outdoor Banner Stand

by Michelle
Its summer, which means that there will be plenty of outdoor festivals and events taking place across the UK. 

We have the perfect product to help advertise your stall, event or general information to attendees. Introducing the very popular Outdoor Banner Stand which prices at only £94 + VAT for the 800mm wide banner. 

This product is made up of a solid water base to hold the banner in place during testing winds. The spine of the unit then has two hooks at top and bottom to place the PVC Banner into place and apply tension. 

The great thing about this Outdoor Banner Stand is that if you require an update to your artwork you simply need to order the banner again and reuse the base unit. This means you can have multiple different banners and rotate them as you wish. 

If you are attending an event indoors and require amazing graphics then you may want to look at either our Pull up banner or Pop up stand for a great marketing solution. We offer both products at extremely good prices with amazing quality throughout the product ranges. 

If you have an event coming up and need help deciding what graphics are the best option for you, then email us at or call today on 0800 1701 007. 

We look forward to hearing from you and helping with your graphics.