Great ideas from Rollupbanner: Number One – Schools and Colleges

by Michelle
One of our biggest customers at rollupbanner are schools and colleges. How can this device be implemented in a school near you?

During the academic year, schools and colleges generally tend to have various different functions which are school-related. For example, the year is full of parent’s evenings, meetings, and open nights (a chance to show off all your exciting courses to potential students). A way to impress the parents and pupils is having well-designed, professional roll-up banners and/or pop-up stands. This could just contain your school logo, or messages that your visitors need to be aware off. You could also show off your courses and advertise them on these displays. Check out our schools and colleges roll-up banner packages

Such banners can add an element of sophistication to your school or college, which is imperative in order to ensure that a high-valued representation is maintained. So why not place one in your reception where you can advertise what you have achieved in your latest Ofsted report so that visitors can be impressed every time they pop in.

If you are really innovative you could have such banners around your grounds, to offer directions or to make people aware that exams are going on. There really is limitless potential as to what our displays can offer you in your schools and colleges.

Perhaps the best thing about roll-up banners is that when you have used them after an event, you can simply store them away until they are needed again. When the roll-up banners are closed they are in a compact form which will not take up much of your storage space. You can also be assured that they will be protected against dust, direct light and moisture and therefore when you re-use them they will have stayed in perfect condition. (For more information on roll-up banners read our 
What is the hype over roll-up banners all about? blog post)