Brightening up the toilets!

by Michelle
Rollupbanner have recently been tasked with a cool job from our client Hull University Union. They briefed us that they need to jazz up the brand new Unisex toilets in the student union. The aim was to give the room a bit more wow factor over the top of the bright pink doors which where recently installed. 

Brightening up the toilets!
We got to work straight away designing a range of options for the union to choose from. They ended up going for the colourful and mesmerising circle and ring design which I agree looked great!

The fitting team headed over tooled up ready to spend the day in the toilets... slightly strange thing to say out load. 

After spending the day in the toilets, the team where proud of how the design on screen has truly transform the way the toilets now look! The all new Unisex toilets are now open and looking great!

Brightening up the toilets!
Job well done...