Are Roller Banners An Effective Approach for Businesses?

by Michelle
All business need to rely on variety of marketing tactics to get exposure and raise brand awareness. Whilst it is understood that for some businesses a single manner of marketing works better than others there is no doubt that a varied marketing approach yields the best  results. As business needs differ so do the requirements of the clients that serve these businesses. The million dollar question will always be the best way for businesses to attract more customers / clients. Getting a brand name out there businesses attend trade conferences, have exhibitions whilst also using their own business space to highlight their business proposition. 
But take a look at the questions below to see if roller banners / pull up banners are right for your business. 
Q: Does your business attend trade events or exhibitions? 
A: If this is the case then this is a very strong and resounding yes. To get attention in a competitive environment it is imperative that the business highlights their success stories and illustrate their strengths. At trade shows or at exhibitions people are likely to be walking across with a strong focus. Before engaging with the staff at the stands passers by are 88% more likely to engage if there are strong visual / exhibition stands ­ roller banners formulate part of the exhibition stands. 
Q: Do you need a wider range of marketing? 
A: Digital marketing is definitely on the rise something to which there is no doubt. But ever notice what people share and talk about on social media channels. Strong visuals ­ so whilst you are attending a trade conference in the middle of unknown surroundings do not forget people are walking around with smart phones ­ the connection to the wider world. More and more people are using twitter and Facebook to share visuals with the world of where they are at. Clever marketing in terms of well thought out designs can make a roller banner really stand out and instantly shareable. Reaching wider audiences than ever before.  
Q: Do you have any client facing business space? 
A: This is another opportunity to emphasize the business attributes to potential clients or offer  additional services to existing customers / clients. Various messages can be put forward which can be aligned in accordance to the location of the business but also any events that are taking place in the vicinity of the business 
Q: Do you want to make your business mobile and expand? 
A: Roller banners (or pull up banners as they are sometimes referred to) can be wrapped up and boxed to be taken around wherever and whenever they are required. These banners are ideal to transport anywhere across the country to different locations or events. Due to their nature they are easily put away and stored away, not requiring huge amounts of space at any time. This makes them convenient to be used at any time.